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Poisonous Berries - by Sasha Kurmaz - £8
Car Park Shopper - by Luke Overin - £10
Relatives - by Antoine Orand - £8
Jugs & Mugs - by Michael Swaney - £14
Light Levels - by Antonia Pinter - £15
Elsewhere - by Albert Elm - £15
Drawing Now - by Nikholis Planck - Sold Out
Hello, My Name is Mark Rothko - by Thomas Murphy - Sold Out
Love is in the Flowers - by Em Rooney - Sold Out
Dark Sand - by Alain Vonck - Sold Out
Fruit Salad - by Various Artists - Sold Out
RnB Edits - by Josh Baines - £6
Open Sea - by Antoine Orand - Sold Out
Sculptures - by Linus Bill & Adrien Horni - Sold Out
War News - by Cali & Jenna Thornhill DeWitt - Sold Out
One Sixty Seven - by Tine Bek, Albert Elm, Nick Lynch, Cecilie Rasmussen - Sold Out
Spectrum Test - by Panayiotis Terzis - Sold Out


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Featured Publications

Car Park Shopper - by Luke Overin - £10
Images stolen from the back of a lorry or in a shop window, no book celebrates British boot fair / high street culture better than Luke Overin's Car Park Shopper.
Produced using a combination of spot colour risograph printing and full colour digital offset print.
Jugs & Mugs - by Michael Swaney - £14
Jugs & Mugs showcases Michael Swaney's comprehensive collection of both real and imagined kitsch European vessels. Created through a combination of pencil, oil pastel, ballpoint pen and felt-tip pen between 2012 and 2013 on vintage book paper sourced from Swaney's father's school books.
Book design by Esther Miquel
Introduction by Sofia Leiby